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organic = sustainable

what customers are saying:

I left Countryside for cheaper, "All-Natural" feed. When my customers started COMPLAINING about the taste of my eggs I came back to Countryside!

— Better Feed Makes Better Eggs, Better Eggs Make Happier Customers


We really appreciate all the comments we get from our customers about Countryside’s products and services. Here we share some of those comments and provide links to our customers’ websites

Goats & Cows Love Healthy Minerals

“Since starting our goats on your Healthy Minerals blend I’ve noticed a vast improvement in their hooves and overall health, and their coats look fantastic. Our cows are loving the Healthy Minerals blend as well and have abandoned their salt lick. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product at a reasonable price.”

Belinda Lindroos

Jamestown, Tennessee

Incredibly Beautiful Feed

“We just received your soy-free broiler feed and we are just amazed at how incredibly beautiful it looks. We brought it to the chickens immediately and they went nuts for it. We have to say, your feed is not only made with the best ingredients, but it actually looks appetizing–certainly not like the cat litter looking stuff. Anyway, we wanted to thank you for making a wonderful product and we look forward to our next order. Thanks again!”

Alex & Heidi Buck

Carmel, California

In Carolina “The Peeps Never Stop”

“I ordered some of your organic broiler feed last week, and I want to say what a pleasure it was to order from you, how helpful was the gentleman with whom I spoke, and how prompt the delivery was! And, as if that wasn’t enough, the chicks are happy as can be with the feed! As you say, the peeps never stop! Thanks, and you can be sure I’ll be a repeat customer!”

Victoria Adkins

Winston Salem, North Carolina

Texas Hens Love Countryside Layer Feed

“Thanks so much for the prompt attention to my order. The feed is
exceptional, great bright color, more green stuff and the hens are loving it. I am very grateful for the high quality of your product.”

Michael Sambogna

Cedar Creek Lake, Texas

Healthy Minerals for Kiko Goats

“We raise organic heirloom vegetables, herbs, kiko meat goats, and free range chickens on our farm. Our farm is a calling and a lifestyle choice, we seek out the best possible products to use that are in keeping with sustainable and organic agricultural standards. We have fed Countryside’s Healthy Minerals to our goats for years now and let me tell you it is a super product…we have no health issues at all, good birth weights, good growth rates and happy kiko goats. The folks at Countryside are as good as their products. We would be at a loss without them being there!”

Renard Turner

Vanguard Ranch Ltd.

Gordonsville, Virginia

Alpacas Benefit from Countryside Products

“Again it is a pleasure to recommend not only your company, customer service, but your products to all visitors to your store and web site. Our farm was ‘sold’ on your products when the proof was in the pudding. In our particular case it was when the fiber on our animals improved and the visits from the vet diminished. It started with the basics. Healthy soil leads to nutritious pasture. Nutritious pasture leads to healthy animals. Healthy animals leads to easier maintenance, rebreeding, and over all upkeep. Thank you for your products and continued customer support.”

Liza McArthur

Alpacas of Merritt Farm

Otto, North Carolina


Countryside a Modern Homestead Partner

“In a time when agribusiness has forgotten its responsibility for soil and animal health, it is a joy to discover a company whose commitment to wise and sustainable use of the world is as passionate as my own. And in a marketplace in which one increasingly feels like a cipher, it is wonderful to do business with a company that truly is like a neighbor, a partner in a shared vision for our future. In the eight years I have relied on them for all my feed ingredients and soil supplements, Countryside has been consistently supportive, responsive, and dedicated to supplying the highest quality feeds, feedstocks, and supplements.”

Harold Ussery

Northern Virginia


Dairy Cows & Laying Hens Thrive on Countryside Feeds

“We have been buying your certified organic feeds for our dairy cows and laying hens for almost a year now. Our animals have thrived on the products. We believe that OUR health will be improved also, with the foods produced by healthy, organic animals. Thank you for all you do, we are deeply grateful!”

Deb Ridings

Cleveland, Georgia

Countryside’s Poultry Feed Makes the Difference

“We produce all natural grassfed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken & turkey, and eggs from pastured hens. Countryside’s Cattle Mineral is the only mineral supplement we use. Our customers say, ‘your chicken is the best we have ever eaten,’ ‘your turkey is the juiciest,’ and ‘after trying your eggs there is no substitute.’ Our poultry processor says we have the easiest to clean and best-looking broilers of all his pastured poultry producers. Fresh air, fresh grass and Countryside’s soy free poultry feed makes the difference!”

Dave & Verlinda Waters

River Ridge Farms

Ten Mile, Tennessee