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thought for the day:

organic = sustainable

what customers are saying:

I left Countryside for cheaper, "All-Natural" feed. When my customers started COMPLAINING about the taste of my eggs I came back to Countryside!

— Better Feed Makes Better Eggs, Better Eggs Make Happier Customers

Chicken Sustainability Project

Come out to the Richmond Home & Garden Show, February 28 – March 2 and see Pat Foreman and Lisa Dearden of Chickens and YOU. Pat and Lisa will be hosting a chicken adoption and Countryside Organics will be providing fresh, nutritious, Certified Organic, Soy-Free Poultry Starter Feed.

Here is a link to the Richmond [...]

Georgia Organics Conference

Say hi to Kevin at the Georgia Organics Conference, Friday and Saturday, February 21 & 22.



Growing Cycles Expanding – Things are Busy – We Need More Organic Acreage

It used to be that there was more of a seasonal variation in this business. There used to be more of a winter, more of a space between fall harvest and spring restart. It’s still there, still noticeable, but things have leveled out more as more folks go deeper into winter with hardiness zone expanding [...]

A Citizen’s Assembly of Support for Family Farmers vs. Monsanto

If you plan to attend A Citizen’s Assembly of Support for Family Farmers vs. Monsanto, please read and affirm the following principles of assembly. RSVP – A Citizen’s Assembly of Support for Family Farmers vs. Monsanto – Jan. 31, 2012 When: Tuesday, January 31, 2011 @ 9:00 am Where: Southern District Court, New York [...]

Horse Feed

We make good stuff. All different kinds. How about healthy horse feed? We make a soy-free and corn-free Horse Feed with low starch content for better digestion. It’s full of Organic Oats, Barley, Field Peas, Rice Bran and Alfalfa Meal. It also contains a broad spectrum of probiotics and digestive enzymes, calcium, diatomaceous earth, Thorvin [...]

Fundamentals: Why Use Organic Grains for Your Poultry?

Why we believe it is important to use Organic Grains: Organic Grains have not been treated with chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. The plant has not been exposed to toxic elements that could carry into the grain. Organic grains are grown in soils rich in microbial life. Organic Grains typically have greater nutritional value. Because [...]