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thought for the day:

organic = sustainable

what customers are saying:

I left Countryside for cheaper, "All-Natural" feed. When my customers started COMPLAINING about the taste of my eggs I came back to Countryside!

— Better Feed Makes Better Eggs, Better Eggs Make Happier Customers

Countryside Organics Reseller List Growing Rapidly

It’s been an extremely busy couple of months as the fall season gets firmly underway. We’ve been rapidly adding resellers to our reseller list. A big welcome to Dela Enterprises of Santa Fe, TN; Seaboard Ace Hardware of Raleigh, NC; Nelon’s Feed of Henderson, NC; Hertzler Farm and Feed of Powhatan, VA; Small Terrain of [...]

Did you get your Buckwheat Seed?

Every week brings a different hot seller. What is moving out the door this week? Last week it was Certified Organic Buckwheat Seed and Healthy Minerals. Did you get your Buckwheat Seed and Healthy Minerals?

What will it be this week? Inquiring minds want to know! Have a great Monday!