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thought for the day:

organic = sustainable

what customers are saying:

I left Countryside for cheaper, "All-Natural" feed. When my customers started COMPLAINING about the taste of my eggs I came back to Countryside!

— Better Feed Makes Better Eggs, Better Eggs Make Happier Customers

Countryside Organics Horse Feeds Now Certified Organic

We make good stuff. Good for your animals, good for the environment and good for your conscience. Our feeds are simple and wholesome and nutritionally complete. They are rich in trace and major minerals and full of PRE and PRO-biotic goodness to increase nutritional uptake and to build strong, resilient immune systems.

Countryside Organics’ feeds [...]

Organics Building Momentum; Anti-Biotech Building Momentum

Here at Countryside Organics, we continue to grow. The demand for organics continues to grow. If you are considering growing organically or biodynamically for market sale consider that the conversion of agricultural land to organic is not keeping up with the increase in demand. Opportunities abound. We are always looking for local sources of grains. [...]

Whitewashing Science for Monsanto

The campaign against Prop 37 gets some signifiant whitewashing from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Grist does the reporting and asks the question:

“Is a major science group stumping for Monsanto?”

A Citizen’s Assembly of Support for Family Farmers vs. Monsanto

If you plan to attend A Citizen’s Assembly of Support for Family Farmers vs. Monsanto, please read and affirm the following principles of assembly. RSVP – A Citizen’s Assembly of Support for Family Farmers vs. Monsanto – Jan. 31, 2012 When: Tuesday, January 31, 2011 @ 9:00 am Where: Southern District Court, New York [...]

New Stuff from St. Gabriel Organics

We have a bunch of new stuff from St. Gabriel Organics of Orange, Virginia. St. Gabriel Organics manufacture an extensive line of natural and organic lawn care, household, pest and insect products. St. Gabriel Organics is dedicated to bringing to market quality products that don’t harm people, children or pets.

Stink Bug Killer. Fly Swatter. [...]

Organics Under Attack – Some Interesting Cornucopia Links

Brighten your day, get under your skin, a little nervous laughter, Cornucopia has something for everyone. Follow the links…

The Monsanto Rag – Music to steel you against Goliath.

Synthetic Ingredients Bullied into Organic Usage with USDA Blind-eye

Oldie But Goodie – Who Owns Organic?

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Why buy organic? Hmmmm….

500,000,000 eggs are being recalled due to salmonella from a company that has had numerous fines and warnings, but still continues to operate. It seems that every month there is a new food recall. Whether it is hamburger, peanut butter, or a frozen food product that contains E coli. Today it is deli meat. Our [...]

Florida Feed Stores

I just returned from the Florida Small Farm Enterprises Conference. It was good to see many of the people that we do business with in the great state of Florida. There was quite of bit of interest at the conference in Organic Feed and Soil Supplements, but I am sad to say that there was [...]

Buying Local

When buying local make sure that you are buying quality local goods. If the Meat that you are buying comes with directions on how to slow cook the beef or even the suggestion that it is best cooked in a crock pot. Don’t buy it. As a consumer you need to demand the very best [...]

Organic vs All Natural

I recently had a conversation with someone who believed that “All Natural” and “Certified Organic” mean the same thing. This individual thought the only difference between the two labels is that “All Natural” products are not reviewed by a certifier, but the “All Natural” producers follow the same rules. They also felt that “Certified Organic” [...]