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thought for the day:

organic = sustainable

what customers are saying:

I left Countryside for cheaper, "All-Natural" feed. When my customers started COMPLAINING about the taste of my eggs I came back to Countryside!

— Better Feed Makes Better Eggs, Better Eggs Make Happier Customers

Growing Cycles Expanding – Things are Busy – We Need More Organic Acreage

It used to be that there was more of a seasonal variation in this business. There used to be more of a winter, more of a space between fall harvest and spring restart. It’s still there, still noticeable, but things have leveled out more as more folks go deeper into winter with hardiness zone expanding high tunnels and earlier into spring with the same early-season-productive high tunnels. Winter barely has a chance. Especially against high tunnels.

Things are very busy here. The mill is cranking and continually growing. A little tweak here with a new digital scale and conveyor to move bags off the line quicker. Little tweaks there and there with what seems like a constant addition of storage. We still don’t have a soy bin though, just to be sure.

We are increasing our efforts to find more local growers of certified organic grains. If you have certified organic grains please contact us, we are interested in buying your certified organic grains. That still doesn’t mean soy. We are still soy-free. If you are considering putting acreage into organic production we may be able to offer meaningful advice, so don’t hesitate to call us at 888-699-7088 or email to info@countrysideorganics.com.

Kevin is going down to the Carolina Farm Stewardship’s Organic Commodities and Livestock Conference on Friday, February 15, to look for more certified organic grain. See him there.

And a little update wouldn’t be complete without something non-GMO. Here is a report from the Center for Food Safety and Save Our Seeds entitled, “Seed Giants vs. U.S. Farmers.” 

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