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thought for the day:

organic = sustainable

what customers are saying:

I left Countryside for cheaper, "All-Natural" feed. When my customers started COMPLAINING about the taste of my eggs I came back to Countryside!

— Better Feed Makes Better Eggs, Better Eggs Make Happier Customers

Dr. Oz Feeling Pressure of Biotech Industry

Is Dr. Oz with Organics or against organics? It might come down to how much pressure the Biotech industry is sending his way. Here is an excerpt from an Alternet article by Katherine Paul and Ronnie Cummins:

“The motives behind the Stanford study and the Freeman Spogli Institute are obvious. What caused Dr. Oz to flip-flop is anyone’s guess – and just might make for a good story someday. Informed sources behind the scenes have told us that Dr. Oz is under tremendous pressure from the biotech industry after airing a segment earlier this fall that supported GMO labeling. He’s also getting pressure from Big Pharma and federal regulatory agencies for his previous exposures of industry malpractices.”

Find the whole story, here: “Dr. Oz Flip-Flops as High-Profile Attacks on Organic Food Intensify”

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